Structural Failures

Structural Failure ClaimsWhile most structures are well designed and constructed and will not fail, structural failures do occur. When they do, they often result in serious bodily injury or death.  The lawyers at Dozier Law Group LLC are experienced in dealing with structural failures and collapses that cause serious injury or death.

Structural failures generally are unexpected incidents that oftentimes are preventable through the exercise of proper care during the design, construction, and maintenance phases of building or construction.  Office buildings, event centers, homes, hand railings, decks, roadways, elevated walkways, bridges and tunnels are a few of the more common structures that suffer from structural failure or collapse.

Structural failure claims are complex due to the many possibilities of what may have caused the failure or collapse.  Sometimes, failures could have been avoided through inspection or by additional structural reinforcement.  On other occasions, the dangers causing a structural collapse are clear.  Even after the initial collapse, dangers such as electrocution, natural gas leaks, and fire can cause further injury.

Even after the cause of the failure is identified, the next step is to determine who is responsible.  Architects, engineers, contractors, construction workers and building inspectors are just a few who could be responsible for a structural failure or collapse.

A number of causes could lead to structural failures or collapses:

  • Design defects by the architects or engineers
  • Defective or substandard construction materials
  • Defective construction by the contractor
  • Failure by inspectors to identify problems with the building or structure
  • Failing to maintain the building or structure
  • Exceeding weight limits
  • Failure to properly fire or weather proof
  • Defective foundation

If you, a family member or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed as a result of a structural failure or collapse, contact Dozier Law Group LLC for a free evaluation of your case.