Premises Claims Falls

Thousands of injuries – sometimes serious – happen every year due to property owners’ negligence. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, Dozier Law Group LLC has the knowledge, skill and resources to help compensate clients who have been seriously injured due to falls at retail stores, malls, apartments, hotels, clubs, restaurants, office buildings, homes, sporting events and other public venues.

If you have suffered injuries as the result of a fall, some things you can do to help strengthen your case include:

  • Getting contact information of any witnesses to the fall or anyone arriving after the fall
  • photographing what caused the fall as soon as possible (before it has been repaired)

Owners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Conditions

Dozier Law Group LLC handles many types of cases involving falls indoors; however, most involve one of the three following areas:

Flooring: these include an owner failing to adequately post signs for wet spots, failing to place adequate barriers to closed areas, excessively or unevenly waxing a floor, or failing to repair torn, uneven, or bulging carpet sections.

Stairs: these include an owner failing to maintain the upkeep of stairs, despite normal wear and tear.  Edges may become rounded, the non-stick surface of the stairs (which is required in most states) can wear down, or a handrail can brake (or be missing altogether).

Escalators and Elevators: the law holds these to high standards since they involve the transportation of passengers.  If property owners fail to fulfill these high standards, they are at risk if a person suffers injury.

Outdoor Conditions
Dozier Law Group LLC has handled many types of cases involving falls outdoors. Most of these involve one of the three following areas:

Outdoor Lighting: failing to adequately light an area can cause injuries in parking lots or on sidewalks.

Sidewalks: dangerous conditions may result in the owner being responsible.

Parking Lots: owners are responsible for the safety of their lots, which includes any protrusion in the parking lot surface that leads to an injury.

If you believe that your injuries were the result of a negligent act or maintenance failure of a property owner, contact Dozier Zahler LLC for a free evaluation of your case.