Whistleblower Claims – Atlanta Qui Tam Attorney

Whistleblower ClaimsMany businesses provide services and perform work for the federal government. Examples of this are services provided under government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and defense contracting. Normally, companies provide a product or service and then submit claims to the government agency for payment. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous businesses overcharge the government, submit claims for work that was never performed, or provide defective or inferior products. As a direct result, taxpayers are defrauded out of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
An employee with knowledge of this type of fraud by their employer may report this conduct to the federal government and may obtain a portion of the amount recovered by the government for their services as a “relator.” These whistleblower cases are known as “qui tam” cases. Individual employees have literally recovered tens of millions of dollars themselves by reporting such fraud and participating in the recovery as a qui tam “relator.”

More than 4,000 “qui tam” suits have been filed since 1986, when the statute was strengthened to make it easier and more rewarding for private citizens to sue. The government has recovered over $6 billion as a result of the suits, of which over $100 million has been paid to relators/whistleblowers.

We strongly urge you to contact an attorney experienced in handling claims under the False Claims Act before reporting such fraud to the government. Dozier Law Group LLC is experienced in the details of qui tam lawsuits and can help you to obtain justice.

If you believe that a company is guilty of defrauding the government and there is independent evidence to support your belief, call (404) 949-5600 to speak directly with Managing Principal Brad Dozier, an experienced qui tam attorney, or contact Dozier Law Group LLC by email . We encourage you not to delay seeking legal representation, as a financial recovery under the qui tam law could be lost if another person brings the claim before you do.